Finding a Great Attorney in New York

If your New York law firm is experiencing a dramatic amount of growth and you need an attorney to handle simple day to day appointments while you focus on growing your portfolio of clients then you are in the right spot. One of the best ways to deal with this spike in demand is by finding the best per diem attorney New York has to offer. As the name implies, these attorneys work for a daily rate so you can engage their services as and when you need them.

Finding the Right Per Diem Attorney Service Provider

In order to make the right selection you have to screen these per diem attorneys on a variety of key questions.

  • How long has the per diem attorney been a member of the NY bar? You don’t want to risk your files to an inexperienced attorney so focus on those that have been members of the NY bar for a considerable number of years.
  • What areas of law does the per diem attorney specialize in? This is an important question to address right away. You want to select a per diem attorney that specializes in the faculty of law that is relevant to the cases you are working on. Pay close attention to what areas of law the per diem attorney specializes in so you know who to call when you have a case that requires this type of specialization.
  • What kind of track record does the attorney have? To substantiate this track record you will need to look at the feedback that was uploaded by other attorneys who dealt with the per diem lawyer.

When you have made it to this juncture in the screening process you have to compare the fees that each one is going to be quoting you for their services. While comparing the prices that are being levied it would be prudent to note whether the rate quote includes incidental fees like traveling. After you have covered all of these items you should be able to move forward and pick the per diem attorney that is best suited for your needs.